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Check our our wide selectin of BeA nailers. You will find BeA pin nailing tools for many industrial and construction applications. Your BeA pin nailer fastening solution is here. Get more information.

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Senco air nailers and pneumatic collated nails are available for Senco staple guns.

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BeA S Series Headless Pin Nailers

Order Pin nailers for fine construction pin nailing, industrial pinning or millwork pin nail applications. BeA S series pin nailers tools are available. Find BeA headless pin nail guns here at now. Learn more.

Nailers for Pins


Technical Data



for pins type S 700
from 3/8" - 5/8"

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for pins type S 100
from 9/16" - 1" 

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Pneumatic 18 Gauge - 23 Gauge Headless Pins

Fasteners are sold in Case Quantities Only 1 Case Minimum

Item Number (Click) Length (inches) Pin Gauge Pin Finish Pins per Box Boxes per Case Pins Fit Pin Nailers Below: Weight Per Case (lbs) Cases per Pallet Unit of Measure
BA-S114P90 9/16 18 Ga Coated 5M 18 Bea S100, BA-T520 N/A 1512 1 Case
BA-S116P80 5/8 18 Ga Coated 5M 16 Bea S100, BA-T520 N/A 1344 1 Case
BA-S119P70 3/4 18 Ga Coated 5M 14 Bea S100, BA-T520 N/A 1176 1 Case
BAS-125P50 1 18 Ga Coated 5M 10 Bea S100, BA-T520 N/A 840 1 Case
BA-S710P288 3/8 22 Ga. Coated 12M 24 Bea S700, BA-T410 N/A 2016 1 Case
BA-S712P240 1/2 22 Ga. Coated 12M 20 Bea S700, BA-T410 N/A 1680 1 Case
BA-S714P216 9/16 22 Ga. Coated 12M 18 Bea S700, BA-T410 N/A 1512 1 Case
BA-S717P168 11/16 22 Ga. Coated 12M 14 Bea S700, BA-T410 N/A 1176 1 Case

Information Regarding Corrosion - Steel fasteners are made from galvanized wire and not treated after fasteners are manufactured. As such, the manufacturer does not guarantee or warranty product against corrosion for any specified time. Zinc coatings on nails and staples can help with corrosion. However, high humidity, salt air, acidic wood, industrial gases, installation impact, preservatives and fire retardants containing salts, can break down the Zinc coating and cause fasteners to rust. Harsh conditions may call for special material coating or special fasteners such as aluminum or stainless steel. Wood manufacturers may call for special or high grade galvanized fasteners which if not used void their product warrantees. Always check the wood manufacturers' specifications beforehand to insure full compliance with their requirements.

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