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Pneumatic Stick Framing Nailers: Bostitch 28 Degree Framing Nailers

Gain excellent performance with heavy duty Bostitch 28 degree stick nailers. The F28WW framing nailer performs great in construction, industrial, packaging and shipping environments. Order wire collated 28 degree nailers online at today. We carry more of your air framing nailer solutions! Ask Us!...

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Senco air nailers and pneumatic collated nails are available for Senco staple guns.

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Bostitch F28WW Framing Nailer - 28 Degree Wire Collated Stick Nailers

Buy air stick framing nailers, sheathing nailers, pallet nailers and pneumatic stick nailers for construction online. The Bostitch F28WW is also used for siding, trusses and bridging. This pneumatic nailer also fastens wood to masonry, engineered lumber, fencing and exterior decks.

F28WW Features and Benefits:

  • Patented push button adjustable depth guide sets nail to desired depths quickly and conveniently
  • Includes factory installed sequential trigger and exclusive Smart Trigger
  • Notched 16" layout indicator on magazine helps achieve correct distance between studs in a matter of seconds
  • Lightweight magnesium design for added durability


Collation Type: Wire Weld
Depth Adjustment: Yes
Dry Fire Lockout: no
Fastener Type / Gauge: 28 degree wire weld
Firing / Acutation Mode: Sequential with Contact Trigger Included
Jam Clearance: Yes
Length: 2 - 3 1/2 in
Driving Power: 1050 inch lbs.
Power to Weight Ratio: 138
Magazine Angle: 28 Degree
Magazine Capacity: 100.0
Magazine Loading: Bottom Load
Operating Pressure: 80 -120 psi
Power Source: Pneumatic
Tool Height: 14.25 in
Tool Length: 20.0 in
Tool Weight: 7.6 lbs
Thread Fitting Type: 1/4" NPT
Buy air nailers -  wire collated 28 degree pneumatic stick nailers. Shop for air nails - 28 degree wire collated stick framing nails to fit Stanley Bostitch 28 degree clipped head air framing nailers. Stanley Fastening System has a 7 year limited warranty on Stanley Bostitch air nail guns and Bostitch staplers.

F28WW Full Round Head Wire Collated 28 Degree Framing Nailer

Important - You and others working around you instructions provided on the tool and in the operations manual.  Used properly, these tools provide easy, safe and efficient methods for driving nails. Contact Trip - best suited for high volume rapid fastening where exact placement of the fastener is not important. Sequential Trip - best suited when rapid fastening is not needed or when exact fastener placement is important. Evaluate your application to determine the correct tools.

F-series framing nailers allow users to decide which type of firing mode best suits their needs. A sequential trigger comes standard on each unit; however, it includes an additional trigger that converts the tool into either a “Smart mode” or “contact trip mode.” The exclusive Smart Trigger operates in contact (bump-fire) mode when the trigger is pulled before the nose is depressed; however, it drives nails individually if the nose is depressed before the trigger is pulled. This minimizes the recoil effect that sometimes causes double firing.

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