BeA, Senco or Stanley Bostitch air nailers, staplers. Spenax hog ring pliers and Hartco clip guns for aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel nails - staples - hog rings or clips

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Coil Roofing Nailers - Coil Roofing Nails

Coil Roofing Nails Below Fit the Following Air Nailers:  

Atro: CN134, Roofing Roll, Craftsman: 18324, 154500, Hitachi: NV 45AB, Jamerco: JTCN-45R, Makita: AN 451, Max: CN12R, CN450R, Paslode: 3175RCU, Porter Cable: RN175, Senco: SCN 200R, SCN 40RN, StanTech: SDCN 10

Applications Include: Composition Roofing, Vapor Barrier Installation, Insulation Board (Adapter Available) - DC6, Vinyl Siding (Adapter Available) - VSA2, Fiber Cement Siding

RN46B Specifications:

Coil Roofing Nailers Use:

RN46B-1 Contact Trip
RN46B-2 Sequential Trip
  • Driving Power:410 inch lbs
  • Fastener Range:3/4" to 1-3/4"
  • Magazine Capacity:120
  • Operating Pressure:70-120 psi
  • Power to Weight Ratio:83.6
  • Thread Fitting Type:NPT
  • Thread Size:1/4"
  • Tool Height:10-5/8",269.88mm
  • Tool Length:10-1/2",266.7mm
  • Tool Width:4-5/8",117.48mm
  • Tool Weight:4.8 lbs, 2.18 kilos

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 CR Series 15 Degree Wire Collated Coil Roofing Nail .120 Shank. Available in: Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails, Stainless Steel Coil Roofing Nails

Features & Benefits:
  • Lightweight magnesium housing for jobsite durability
  • Weighs only 4.8 lbs
  • Dry-fire lockout; does not fire when empty
  • Carbide inserts in tip for long life
  • Over molded grip for comfortable use
  • Quick-set adjustable depth control for consistent nail drives
  • Aggressive wear guards and skid resistant pads
  • 410 inch pounds of driving energy for the hardest of applications
  • Patented single action side load canister
  • Shingle guide with push button adjustments - no tools needed
  • Full round driver for more consistent drive quality

Important - You and others working around you can be seriously injured by fastener driving tools if you do not follow the instructions provided on the tool and in the operations manual.  Used properly, these tools provide easy, safe and efficient methods for driving nails, staples & rings.  Contact Trip - best suited for high volume rapid fastening where exact placement of the fastener is not important.  Sequential Trip - best suited when rapid fastening is not needed or when exact fastener placement is important. Evaluate your application to determine the best trigger.  See Safety Information for Trip Operation!